Don’t Worry, Be Healthy! Terp Wellness Expo Photo Re-Cap

Aloha! In case you weren’t able to make the trip to the Terp Wellness Expo last week (Feb 2) we thought we’d bring all of the tropical fun to you with an up close and personal look into the day’s festivities.

Guests were welcomed to our paradise and challenged to complete a Passport to Wellness by visiting a service in each dimension of wellness – physical, emotional, spiritual, social, vocational and intellectual. Their souvenir for doing so was a pretty hip pair of sunglasses.

Highlights for our vacationers? Limbo and hula hoop contests, a surprise visit by Testudo, live steel drum music, giveaways and plenty of information on how to live well off the island and into daily life!

And, what getaway would be complete without lots of photographic evidence? Visitors flashed their pearly whites in our photo booth. Can you find any of your friends here?

A few lucky guests even traveled home with great prizes – a custom UMD Terps bike, a Health Center massage, Campus Recreation Services gift certificates, personal training vouchers, and an Under Armour bag among others.

Did you attend the Terp Wellness Expo? Share a favorite memory with us below.

(Be sure to check out future Center for Health and Wellbeing events throughout the semester!)
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2 Responses to Don’t Worry, Be Healthy! Terp Wellness Expo Photo Re-Cap

  1. sooyoung says:

    There was such great energy at the expo! Go group fitness for a fun obstacle course!

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