Dare to Not Compare: 5 Ways to Love Your Body

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Love is in the air in February and at Maryland, it’s Love Your Body Month sponsored by the Center for Health and Wellbeing. During a time when we tend to focus on expressing our love for others, it’s equally important to spend time nurturing love for ourselves.

Self-love starts with self-acceptance, and the realization that no one is perfect. In your moments of self-reflection, try to focus on the sincerely good things about you.

What are your strengths, the things that are unique and positive about you and your personality?

Try to embrace your own imperfections constructively. Focus on what you are able to change and let the rest go to find a happier version of yourself.

Everyone has different strengths and limitations, so try not to compare yourself to others, physically or otherwise.

5 Ways to Love Your Body*
*Adapted from Margo Maine, PhD.

  1. Create a list of all the things your body can do. Read and add to it often.
  2. Count your blessings, not your blemishes. Keep a daily gratitude journal.
  3. Don’t exercise to lose weight. Do it to make your body healthy and strong, and because it makes you feel good.
  4. Choose to find the beauty in the world, and in yourself.
  5. Make a list of 10 positive things about yourself that don’t involve appearance.

Fill in the blank. Share with us. What do you love about your body?

Stop by one of the Love Your Body Month events to get your “I love my ____” button.

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