Stretch It Out Kermit-Style

By Kristin Legg, Certified Personal Trainer, Campus Recreation Services

Every fitness routine, strength training or cardiovascular, should have a stretching component.

Stretching your muscles improves flexibility, helps prevent injuries, and ensures a wide range of motion for your muscles and joints. 

Before and after walking, or any type of exercise, take at least 10 minutes to stretch out your muscles, allowing them to lengthen and warm up or cool down.

Here at Maryland, we love our Muppets and their creator, Maryland Alumnus Jim Henson ’60. Make your next workout a walk to the Jim Henson statue outside Stamp Student Union at the Henson Memorial Garden and say hello to our friends, Henson and Kermit.

With Maryland spirit flowing, learn key stretches from Kermit himself.

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Don’t have time for all the ones shown pre and post-workout? Here are some of the best to include in your routine:

  • Torso stretch (#1) – can do this standing up by reaching your arms up as high as you can
  • Hamstring stretch (#6) – for the back of the upper leg muscles
  • Seated splits (#7) – for the inner thighs
  • Child pose (#12)– for your lower back
  • Quad stretch (#14) – for the front of the upper leg muscles
  • Calf stretch (#15) – for the back of the lower leg muscles

Do you have any favorite stretches of your own? Share with us in the comments below.

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