3×10 Summer Walking Challenge Warriors

This Summer, Wellness @ Maryland and Campus Recreation Services challenged UMD faculty and staff to walk for 10 minutes at least three times a day for ten weeks (June 11 – August 19, 2012). For every 10 minutes walked, 1 point was earned with a daily maximum of 6 points.

Those who earned at least 150 points were entered into a drawing for a University Health Center massage and a 5 session personal training package from CRS. Those who earned 180 points or more were entered into a drawing for a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and a 5 session personal training package.

Well, the points have been tabulated and results are in!

Winner of the University Health Center Massage and 5 session Personal Training package – James Bond (270 points) from the Office of Student Conduct

Polar Heart Rate Monitor and 5 session Personal Training package – Konstantina Trivisa (379 points) from the Math Department.

And, a special shout-out to all those earning at least 120 points. If you see these folks on campus, give them a high-five and congratulate them on a job well done.

  • Amy Alexander
  • Sylvia Andrews
  • Sarah Berday-Sachs
  • Robert Bernhardt
  • Alice Bishop
  • Kristin Bobowiec
  • James Bond
  • Angela Brownlee
  • Chirice Cade-McAllister
  • Fenol Cadet
  • Mary Kate Cannistra
  • Jude Cassidy
  • Aldrawina Chadley
  • Victoria Chanse
  • Brenda Chick
  • Antonia Conteras-Reate
  • Sharon Cooper
  • Connie Cunningham
  • Marci Deloatch
  • Michelle DeOrnellas
  • Zimri Diaz
  • Debbie Down
  • Jane Fines
  • Felicia Flory
  • Alania Foster
  • Jacklyn Gentile
  • Susan Gilson
  • Alyson Goff
  • Bernadette Gormally
  • Ann Gradowski
  • Frances Gulick
  • Ryhneta Gumbs
  • Derek Haber
  • Jemika Hansberry
  • Hallie Heaney
  • Ronald Hassan
  • Aileen Hentz
  • Barbara Hillinger
  • Rebecca Hosten
  • Susan Howard
  • Munira Hyder-Adams
  • Star Jackson
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Diane James
  • Vijay Kaul
  • Karen Kesler
  • Joyce Koo
  • Barbara Lewis
  • Fran Lewis-Steiner
  • Rongshuang Lin
  • Yen Lin
  • Stacey Locke
  • Margaret Lukomska
  • Ja-Zette Marshburn
  • Suzanne Martin
  • Adrian Michaelis
  • Deborah Morrin-Nordlund
  • Jennifer Newlin
  • Mary Pandian
  • Clarence Patterson
  • Jessica Perez
  • Veronica Perrigan
  • Janet Peterson
  • Leona Peterson-Naude’
  • Steve Pragel
  • Doris Rirchardson
  • Deborah Robinson
  • Brit Saksvig
  • Millaray Salvatierra
  • Jessica Senasack
  • Cynthia Shaw
  • Paige Smith
  • Stacey Spinella-Crossan
  • Rebecca Sturtevant
  • Maria Tana
  • Sandra Ticas
  • Konstantina Trivisa
  • Richard Tucci
  • Ruth Unglesbee
  • Robert Vechery
  • Oscar Velasco
  • Polina Vorozhaykina
  • Christine Vicencio
  • Anna Waller
  • Cynthia Williams
  • Rebecca Wilson
  • Maureen Wimsatt
  • Elizabeth Wineke
  • Jeanine Worden
  • Zhao Xiao-Ning

This year, we offered a series of articles related to fitness and nutrition to encourage and inspire participants throughout the challenge written by Campus Recreation Services employees, Kristin Legg, Certified Personal Trainer and Emily Schmitt, RD, LDN. Click here to view all of the articles in this series.

Stay tuned for future walking challenges. To get Wellness @ Maryland updates via e-mail, sign up to receive the Well in a Shell monthly newsletter.

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