8 Apps for Emotional Wellness

By: Sydney Carter ’13, Wellness Communications Assistant

Emotional wellness is the hot topic during February; after all it is Emotional Wellness Month at the University of Maryland.

However, emotional wellness is an important topic to consider every month. This is why it is valuable to have tools to manage your emotional wellness 24/7, even when you’re on-the-go.

emotional wellness app collage

Positive emotional wellness is important for happiness, mental stability and overall well-being. Considering the non-stop, hectic day-to-day lives of many college students, staff and faculty members it is important to have quick access to easy-to-use tools for dealing with emotions in the present moment.

One of the simplest and most frequently used tools when out and about in this wired world is our smartphones loaded with apps.

Did you know that iTunes has 6 categories under education, from reading and writing to astronomy and earth science, but nothing for social and emotional learning?

TeachThought,a website that features articles and various forms of content about creative, tech-savvy and interactive education and learning tools, techniques and trends, raises these important questions: “Where do we look for apps to improve things like resilience, dealing with emotions, mindfulness, empathy, gratitude, bullying, trust, self-esteem and optimism? When will iTunes and others introduce a category for these incredibly important skills?”

We hope iTunes will get on that that soon, but in the meantime we’ve done a little virtual digging around and found 8 apps to help you feel good!


Creator: Never Can Tell
For: Apple
$: 1.99
Understanding and effectively communicating emotions are two essential skills for emotional wellness. Emotionary, as you might have guessed, is a dictionary of emotions that you can easily sort through to find one that resonates with your current mood. Definitions and expressive emoticons help you identify, embrace and deal with your feelings.

For Android users, try EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

1023-1-live-happy (140x140)Live Happy

Creator: Signal Patterns
For: Apple
$: .99
Sometimes even the simplest action can increase your happiness. In this app, you’ll find dozens of daily activities to give you a positive perspective. There is a variety of features including quizzes and videos that all strive to improve your emotional wellbeing.

For Android users, try 101 How To Be Happy Tips.

optimism app (140x140)Optimism

Creator: Optimism Apps Pty Ltd.
For: Apple
Be mindful of your emotions with Optimism. This app charts your mood to help you learn what can cause sudden declines in mood and guides you to helpful strategies for restoring a positive emotional state. However, it should not be used as a substitute for a qualified health professional when searching for advice on mental illnesses and disorders.

For Android users, try Depression CBT Self-Help Guide.

new-picture-2_thumb3 (140x140)Moody Me – Mood Diary and Tracker

Creator: Medhelp
For: Apple
Feeling moody but don’t know why? Open Moody Me and review charts, graphs and a calendar that all provide a detailed history of your moods and their causes. Investigate if your current emotional state is part of a trend or something new in need of reporting. Use the happy photos feature to snap shots of things that make you happy. You can create galleries to view as slideshows when you’re feeling blue.

For Android users, try T2 Mood Tracker.

mzl.xrwzmjix.175x175-75 (140x140)Gratitude & Happiness

Creator: Track & Share Apps, LLC
For: Apple
$: .99
Keep track of what you are thankful for, when you complete a random act of kindness and other do-good-to-feel-good activities. This app also provides thorough charts and graphs to check up on your day-by-day or month-by-month progress, and to evaluate how your various actions impact your happiness level.

For Android users, try I Journal.

path app (140x140)Path

Creator: Path, Inc.
For: Apple and Android
Path combines the best of the social networking world – imagine WordPress, Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram all in one. You can blog, post updates, check-in, and photograph happy times and memorable experiences. Share the emotion of the moment with your friends and loved ones.

app168 (140x140)Smiling Mind

Creator: Smiling Mind
For: Apple
Have you ever wondered exactly what is mindfulness? Or, how do you meditate? Then the app for you is Smiling Mind. It provides mindfulness education and guided meditation exercises that are targeted for adolescents and young adults.

For Android users, try buddhify and Conscious.

icon_pinterest_2 (140x140)Pinterest

Creator: Pinterest, Inc.
For: Apple and Andoird
Pinterest makes for a great, emotionally-uplifting break in your day. You can use it to discover more emotional wellness education, tools and techniques or search the humor category and have a good laugh. You’ll also find a healthy dose of positive affirmations and quotes. Follow Wellness @ Maryland’s emotional wellness board to start, and then branch out and explore!

What app are you eager to download from our collection? Do you have other apps you use to improve your emotional wellness?

Share with us in the comments section below!

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One Response to 8 Apps for Emotional Wellness

  1. Angela S. says:

    I’d recommend iMoodJournal app.

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