May Health Hint: The Importance of Preventative Care

UHC-blog-header (3)Remember the old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? This can be especially true when it comes to preventive health care. Maintaining or improving your health is important – and a focus on regular preventive care, along with following the advice of your doctor, can help you stay healthy.

Make an appointment

Making an appointment for a preventive health visit can help you establish the baseline for your current health, and identify any health issues before they become more serious. Preventive checkups and screenings can help you and your doctor discuss care options that may help maintain or improve your health. During a preventive visit your doctor will usually determine what tests or screenings you need. You can make your preventive health appointment right on campus at the University Health Center.

Watch UHCTV: How often do you get a preventive exam?

Prepare for your appointment

Plan to talk with your doctor about your health history and any concerns you have about a particular health problem or changes in your life. Make a list of your concerns and put the most important ones first. Take information with you – any medications you take. Inform your doctor about any recent events or changes in your health, including emergency room visits or changes in your appetite, weight, sleep, energy level, or any other symptoms.

Get involved

Giving and taking information are two important steps in talking with your doctor. This can help you and your doctor develop a health treatment plan that’s right for you. Ask about prevention, including lifestyle changes and preventive screening exams or tests to help prevent or manage a condition.

Preventive care guidelines vary with age and gender. Identify your preventive care guidelines at

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