3×10 Summer Walking Challenge Warriors 2013

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Throughout the entire summer, more than 175 faculty and staff members from across campus took on Campus Recreation Services‘ (CRS) 3×10 Summer Walking Challenge to walk at least 10 minutes, three times per day for ten weeks (June 10 – August 18, 2013).  Each participant earned 1 point for every 10 minutes walked, with the daily maximum amount of points earned being six.

The participants who earned at least 150 points were entered into a drawing for a chance to win a University Health Center massage and a 5 session personal training package from CRS.  The participants who earned 180 points or more were entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and a 5 session personal training package.

Our winners for the 2013 3×10 Summer Walking Challenge are …

  • Laura Thorsen (205 points) from Aerospace Engineering – winner of the University Health Center Massage and 5 session Personal Training package
  • Mary Kate Cannistra (293 points) from Facilities Management – winner of the Polar Heart Rate Monitor and 5 session Personal Training package.

Congratulations also to those who earned at least 120 points.  Your hard work and effort certainly deserve to be acknowledged.  Please congratulate your colleagues listed below on a fantastic job on their dedication and motivation.

  • Janet Alessandrini
  • Amy Alexander
  • Silvia Alvarez
  • Oscar Banderas
  • Dovella Black
  • Corey Braxton
  • Angela Brownlee
  • Diane Cabrales
  • Lisa Carroll
  • Joo Kyoung Cha
  • Seung Choi
  • Stephen Cole
  • Denise Cross
  • Connie Cunningham
  • Laura Dalemarre
  • Michelle DeOrnellas
  • Teresa Dye
  • Ingrid Farrell
  • Cindy Felice
  • Catherine Fisanich
  • Rex Fitch
  • Megan Forbes
  • Kim Forney
  • Patricia Gardner
  • Kate Gibson
  • Kristin Gifford
  • Lauren Gilliam
  • Bernie Gormally
  • Ann Gradowski
  • Raquel Hakes
  • Aileen Hentz
  • Vickie Hill
  • Christopher Ho
  • Sharon Hodgson
  • Ann Holmes
  • Taylor Hood
  • Alexandra Houston-Ludlam
  • Daiting Huo
  • Kathryn Kaczmarek
  • Carol Keats
  • Patricia Keenan
  • Austin Kim
  • Yvette King
  • Allison Lilly
  • Yen Lin
  • Sarah Longwell
  • Michelle Lopez-Mullins
  • Sam Mauceri
  • Julia McTague
  • Leslie Merrill
  • John Mohler
  • Tiffanie Morgan
  • Debbie Morrin
  • John Mozingo
  • Rianna Murray
  • Alina Newland
  • Vanessa Nichols-Holmes
  • Kathleen Nolan
  • Christine O’Brien
  • Debbie Orme
  • Harry  Parham
  • Veronica Perrigan
  • Leona Peterson Naude
  • Jennifer Precht
  • Mila Priadilnikova
  • Malaika Serrano
  • Kristan Skendall
  • Paige Smith
  • Teri Smith
  • Beth St. Jean
  • Kathleen Stone
  • Prem Sewak Sudhish
  • Maria Tana
  • Richard Tucci
  • Oscar Velasco
  • Ezekiel Waisel
  • Elizabeth Warner
  • Rachel Wobrak
  • Jun Yang
  • Mildred Yen
  • Mary Ann Zehr

If you missed this challenge, not to worry!  There will be another one in the future.  More information about all of CRS’ programs can be found online at www.crs.umd.edu.

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