August Health Hint: Keep Good Immunization Records

UHC-blog-header (3)Do you know when you had your last immunization?  Keeping a record makes this question easy to answer.

Many states require proof of immunizations before registering for college, including Maryland. The Immunization Record Form is due at orientation and consists of a written record that shows the month, day and year when certain immunizations were administered along with a physician signature or other acceptable documentation.

Make staying healthy a top priority in college. Regular preventive care allows your doctor to prevent and detect any health-related issues, so treatment has the best chance of success.

It is important to schedule annual wellness visits and while you’re there make sure that that all of your immunizations are current. Speak up and talk to your doctor about any specific questions and concerns regarding your health.

The University Health Center offers a variety of routine immunizations such as MMR, Meningitis, Tetanus/Diphtheria, and tuberculosis skin testing. Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox, and Flu vaccines are also available.

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One Response to August Health Hint: Keep Good Immunization Records

  1. J Hazelhurst says:

    Keeping an immunization record is especially important for medical students who will need up to date vaccinations when they start work in hospitals and clinical environments.

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