Wellness App of the Week: Take a Break

By: Shannon McHale ’15, CRS Weight/Fitness Supervisor

This Week’s App: Take a Break

icon_256App : Take a Break
Price: FREE
For: Apple App Store, Google Play
Wellness Dimensions: Emotional, Spiritual

Does the impending stress bomb that explodes at the end of every semester have you down? Worried about the holidays, finals, and overall craziness that takes place right around now?

If so, you probably need to take a break!

The aptly-named guided meditation app Take a Break will have you feeling relaxed in no time. Brought to you by the popular Meditation Oasis podcast, Take a Break offers options for “work break relaxation” (7-minutes) and “stress relief meditation” (13-minutes).

During your meditation, you can choose to listen to music, nature sounds, or neither – a soft voice guides you through the session regardless of what you choose.

If meditating sounds a little too mumbo-jumbo for you, consider that just 5- to- 10 minutes a day can offer substantial wellness benefits. Meditating can reduce anxiety, depression, and some symptoms of illness, while increasing concentration and an overall sense of wellbeing.

For those of us who are less experienced with meditative practices, an app like Take a Break is perfect for getting our feet wet.

The Take a Break App makes finding time to meditate and actually doing it super easy.

The Take a Break App makes finding time to meditate and actually doing it super easy.

Our Take

The technique behind meditation can be hard to grasp all on your own.  Using an app like Take a Break makes sense for college students who don’t necessarily have the time or desire to go to longer group meditation sessions (although, weekly sessions are offered for free from the University Health Center!).

We liked that you could choose sessions as short as seven minutes for days when you’re really busy – while still having the option to go for longer sessions on days when you really need it.

The voice guidance is a huge part of what propels Take a Break above similar apps. It helped us keep our focus and kept us engaged in the session, instead of falling asleep – not that we’re admitting that any of us have fallen asleep during meditation classes … but, IF we were the types to do such things, Take a Break would be the perfect solution!

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One Response to Wellness App of the Week: Take a Break

  1. Mary Maddux says:

    Such a well written review of our Take a Break app. We’re so glad you’re enjoying it and can recommend it!

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