Wellness App of the Week: Move

By: Shannon McHale ’15, CRS Weight/Fitness Supervisor

This Week’s App: Move

icon_256App : Move – Daily activity to stay healthy
Price: $0.99
For: Apple App Store
Wellness Dimensions: Physical

“Move” is probably our favorite app we’ve reviewed all semester. It’s a great way to stay active throughout the day – which is especially useful during stressful times like finals, when there’s not an extra hour to spare at the gym each day.

As a sort of “anti-workout app,” Move focuses on getting healthy by increasing the incidental activity you do each day, rather than scheduling purposeful workouts that may or may not get done.

After selecting how often you want to receive activity reminders, Move sends you push notifications reminding you to get up from your desk and do some light activity. You then have the option to choose between doing the randomly selected short “workout” provided by the app, or doing something on your own – like taking a short walk or doing some stretches.

The coolest thing about Move, though, is that it keeps track of the workouts you complete each day, and tallies them up for you at the end. Taking 5 minutes every hour or two to do some short exercises can be just as effective as spending an hour in the gym.

Who isn’t interested in staying active when it’s this easy!?

Who isn’t interested in staying active when it’s this easy!?

Our Take

Move is a great way to, well… move. Research shows that increasing the amount of time you spend moving and decreasing the amount of time you spend sitting can lead to some serious physical – and psychological – benefits.

This app is especially great for times like finals, when you’re spending hours upon hours staring at textbooks and not gymming it up.

We found that doing the micro-workouts each day definitely made us feel less like lumps-on-a-log on the days we were chained to our desks. The workouts provide both a physical and mental reprieve from endless work, and taking short breaks to do them actually made us feel more focused when we got back to business.

Even better, on days where we had time to make it to the gym, we noticed some definite improvements in our strength and stamina. Becoming more active is a lifestyle change that can be difficult to make, and we really appreciated being reminded to get up and move every day.

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