Tag the Testudos!

On Friday, May 9, we challenged Terps to “Tag the Testudos” as part of the Make Moves Maryland campaign. With a partner, participants navigated from one Testudo to another, using only trivia clues issued at each Testudo, until they have “tagged” the noses of all 5 campus Testudos.

It was an “Amazing Race” to stock up on luck before exams while fitting some healthy physical activity into a Friday afternoon.

Some of the members of the 19 teams before they took off for their first clue.

Some of the members of the 19 teams before they took off for their first clue.

See if you can figure out where the following Testudos are located on campus using these clues: (answers at end of blog post)

  1. My nose has been drilled, and last semester I was set ablaze. I hope during these finals, I see better days.
  2. The 2002 tournament is the greatest memory I carry. Thinking about it helps me feel better when I’m missing Gary.
  3. Kermit sits outside my door, right next to Jim. After a meal at Adele’s, you should snap a picture with him.
  4. After graduating, come back to me and say “Hi!” I’m the official ambassador for Terp Alumni.
  5. I love football and all the cheering fans I’ve heard. Don’t confuse me for my brother, I live outside of Byrd.

Everyone who participated scored a #MakeMovesUMD t-shirt and the teams who completed the challenge were entered to win some great Maryland pride prizes.

Congrats to our winning teams:

  • Daniel Schofield and Robert Kramer
  • Brooke Lubinski and David Park
  • Amy Oliver and Esther Kwara
  • Andrew Conchas and Kevin Cheung
  • Adam Wedekind and Aidan Sharma

Answers to the Testudo clues above:

  1. McKeldin library
  2. Comcast Center
  3. The Adele H. Stamp Student Union
  4. The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
  5. Gossett Football Team House

Follow the Campus Recreation Services Facebook page and stay tuned for more fun events like Tag the Testudos.


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