Introducing…GymQ: A Terp-Created Fitness Tracking App

By: Laura Gonzalez ’15, Campus Recreation Services, Communication Assistant

In true enTERPreneurial style, seniors Kevin Chang, mechanical engineering major, and Connie Li, finance and information systems major, saw a problem and took it upon themselves to solve it.

They noticed it was challenging to remember past workouts and log their progress at the gym. GymQ was born – a unique fitness tracking app.

“That was kind of the push, it was just something that we personally needed and wanted and we figured if we had the power to create it, then why not,” says Li.

GymQ is a free iPhone app that utilizes QR codes on workout machines and personalized data entry to provide users with a digital log of their workouts.

gymqhomepageWhen Chang and Li approached Campus Recreation Services (CRS) to explore ways they could make the app available to Terps, we were thrilled to support them.

We teamed up and added QR stickers to all of our machines and weights in Ritchie Coliseum. Ritchie is located on Rt. 1 across the street from campus between Fraternity row and the Department of Public Safety and is open to University of Maryland students and CRS members.

Getting Started with GymQ

Once you download GymQ from the Apple App store, you’ll need to log in. If it’s your first time, you’ll create a username and password within the app.

Tip: Turn on the ‘remember me’ function and never have to enter them manually again.

You are then taken to the main menu screen with three options: scan, enter code and search. Selecting ‘scan’ will take you to a camera function, from which you can capture the QR code on the machine and immediately recognize what exercise you are attempting. You may also manually enter the exercise by selecting ‘enter code’ and typing the code you see on the equipment.

Don’t use the gym at Ritchie? You can still use GymQ!

Simply use the third option: ‘search.’ You only need to type the equipment name, select the correct option and begin your workout.

Whether you scan, enter the code, or search – you’ll then be prompted to enter the details of your workout such as the amount of weight you lifted, how many stairs you climbed or other information specific to the exercise.

After several workouts, you will be able to see a graph of your progress broken down day by day.

We are excited to be working the innovative creators of GymQ and offering this useful tool to students and our members.

Have a question about GymQ or how to use it? Ask away! Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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