CRS Student Employees Give Back

Our network of 800+ student employees not only give their all to Campus Recreation Services – they also give back to the community in which they live, learn and work.

Giving back not only benefits our communities, but contributing to the greater good also enhances our own personal sense of social and even spiritual well-being.

CRS student employees collected over 450 items of food for the UMD Campus Pantry.

CRS student employees collected over 450 items of food for the UMD Campus Pantry.

Josh Kickenson, a Pool Operator at CRS, tells us about the student staff’s recent food drive for Terps in need:

At our first meeting of the semester in September, the Student Employee Advisor Board discussed different projects we could do as CRS to bring the staff together as well as to give back. One idea that we thought could really benefit everyone was to host a food drive.

We made the food drive a friendly competition between program groups, in an effort to collect as much as possible and foster a fun environment among CRS staff. E-mails were sent and flyers were hung to encourage student and professional staff to donate and we set up collection bins under each time clock.

We worked with the UMD Campus Pantry to benefit members of our own community who may be experiencing food hardship. The Campus Pantry distributed emergency food to UMD-College Park students, faculty and staff in need.

In the end, we contributed 457 food items to the Campus Pantry. I will be graduating in May, but I hope this can become an annual event so CRS staff have the opportunity to help as many people as possible.

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