#iamCRS spotlight: James Abendroth

By Laura Gonzalez ’15, Campus Recreation Services, Communication Assistant

Do you have a bike? Does it need some TLC? If you answered yes, then chances are you could benefit from the FREE services offered at the Campus Bike Shop. If you answered no, don’t worry! The shop has great bikes at affordable prices for extended and short-term rental.

Located in the lower level of Cole Fieldhouse near the tunnel entrance, the bike shop is a welcoming place where university students and faculty can either let mechanics fix their bikes, or receive instructions and supervision while learning to fix their bikes themselves.

The mechanics are happy to help and teach others their trade. One of these mechanics is sophomore mechanical engineering major, James Abendroth.

photo 2 (1)


Meet a Mechanic

Abendroth has been with the bike shop for almost three semesters and enjoys the opportunity to work in a field he is passionate about. He first became interested in bikes when his elder brother, upon high school graduation, cycled from Bowie, MD, to Denver, CO, with a friend. This inspired Abendroth to begin building bikes and going on trips of his own.

As an off-campus student, Abendroth commutes to school and on occasion, has been known to cycle approximately 30 miles roundtrip from his home in Bowie to campus – an impressive distance to say the least.

“My favorite part about working at the Campus Bike Shop is that I can save students an incredible amount of money on otherwise expensive bike repairs,” Abendroth said, “I really like teaching people about their bikes so they can fix things on their own if they need to later.”

In addition to being a full-time student and working at the bike shop, Abendroth is also a member of the UMD Cycling Club and holds another part-time job.

Upon graduation, he hopes to pursue a career as an engineer for a company that manufactures bikes. He also plans to ride, build and fix bikes as much as he can and, one day, attend the Tour de France as a spectator.

Thanks for all you do at the Campus Bike Shop, James!

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