Let’s Have a Big MyBowl of Breakfast!

By: Sarah Frazier ’16, University Health Center Dietetic Student Volunteer


Are you familiar with MyPlate? MyPlate is a tool used to let us know what and how much to eat in the familiar graphic of a meal plate. The MyPlate is separated into the 5 different food groups: grains, meat and meat substitutes, fruits, vegetables, and dairy.

MyPlate recommendations are to make ½ of every meal consist of fruits and vegetables, ¼ grain, ¼ meat or meat substitute, and a serving of dairy. MyPlate allows you to independently plan your meals, get a balanced diet, and eat healthfully every day!

But have you ever encountered a time when MyPlate was difficult to use or incorporate?

For example, think about breakfast time! Breakfast is one meal of the day that is most often served in a bowl, not a plate. In this instance, the MyPlate method may not quite work. In order to remedy this problem, Kellogg’s recently launched MyBowl, which is a way to incorporate the balance found in a MyPlate meal in the shape of a bowl, best suited for breakfast.

Say hello to Kellogg’s MyBowl! Here’s how you use it:mybowl (2)

Orange section: The orange section of the bowl is dedicated to grains. Half (½) of your bowl should be grains, trying to make the majority of them (at least ½) whole grain. Some examples of a whole grain would be oatmeal, Honey Nut Cheerios, and some cereals such as Kashi, Raisin Bran, etc.

Red section: The red section of the bowl is dedicated to fruits. One fourth (¼) of your bowl should be fruit. Click here to find a list of when different fruits are in season (that’s when they taste the best!).

Blue section: The blue section of the bowl is dedicated to dairy. One fourth (¼) of your bowl should be some kind of dairy or milk substitute. Some examples of dairy or milk substitute would be low fat milk, soy milk, or yogurt.

Think you’ve got it? There are so many different ways that you can use MyBowl to make breakfast preparation easy. Here are some of my favorite ways to use MyBowl in the morning:

Overnight Oats: ½ cup oatmeal, 1 cup milk or soymilk, ¼ cup apples, and some cinnamon. Put it all together in a jar or cup the night before and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning I like to add a little bit of peanut butter and microwave for 1.5 minutes.

Jazzed up cereal: Try a plain, whole grain cereal and add your own flavor by adding fresh fruit! I like to add strawberries to Honey Nut Cheerios and splash in some milk!

Fun-Filled yogurt: Yogurt can be approached in the same way that cereal is. Buy a plain or lightly sweetened vanilla yogurt and add some blueberries for a sweet, antioxidant kick and some granola for a good crunch!

If you would like to talk to a Dietetic Student Volunteer about breakfast ideas or have any other questions about nutrition, feel free to set up a Diet Analysis Appointment by calling 301-314-5664 or visiting http://ter.ps/dietanalysis for more information!

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One Response to Let’s Have a Big MyBowl of Breakfast!

  1. Ivey Rebecca says:

    This is wonderfully written! I know so many people who avoid breakfast at all costs because A) it may make them feel queasy, B) they don’t know what to eat or C) they don’t have time. The MyBowl gives you plenty of options as far as what you can put in the bowl to eat, and it gives you a great explanation of how to assemble the bowl. And your overnight oats would be great for someone who doesn’t have much time in the morning!

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