Five Spring Break Ready Foods!

By: Caitlin Smith ’16, University Health Center Dietetic Student Volunteer

Spring break is quickly approaching but many people have been preparing for months; hitting the gym daily and watching every morsel that enters their mouth.chrysanthemum-659111_1280

However, getting “spring break ready” doesn’t have to involve losing weight. So, if you want to look and feel great on the beach – or wherever your spring break may take you – here are five types of food that will help you get ready:

  • Glowing skin: Healthy fats that come from foods like avocados, fish, and nuts all help support skin health. By eating some of the yummiest food and putting on a smile, you’ll be glowing in no time.
  • Healthy hair: Beautiful, strong, healthy hair is a great compliment to those beachy waves and lean proteins like turkey, kidney beans and eggs are a great way to support your hair health. Proteins are a building block of bones, muscle, skin, and it is the main component of our hair and nails. It’s true, protein does more for the body than just build muscle.
  • Crystal clear eyes: Foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, kale, and sweet potatoes have many health benefits, but one you may not know about is their vision benefits. They have protective properties for vision. For eyes as bright as the ocean, eating your fair share of fruits and vegetables is key.
  • Good mood: Foods high in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, help to reduce stress and have been shown to improve mood. I think it goes without saying that nothing is more attractive than a happy person.
  • Good Breath: Bad breath can decrease self-confidence and confidence is more attractive than many other attributes. To combat bad breath, celery is a secret little weapon. The crunchy texture of celery forces you to chew more which increases saliva production which kills bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. So, before you head out during spring break, snack on some celery!

I can’t find a better way to prepare for spring break than by eating delicious food! Enjoy your spring break preparation; don’t dread it. To talk about these tips and any other nutrition related tips make an appointment for a diet analysis to chat with a student nutrition advocacy peer.

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2 Responses to Five Spring Break Ready Foods!

  1. These are great tips for all summer long! You can find most of these foods on campus. Enjoy the taste of good health!
    Jane Jakubczak UHC Dietitian

  2. Ivey Rebecca says:

    I had no idea that celery did that for our breath! So cool! Great blog 🙂

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