Self-Motivation Techniques for the Solo Go-Getter

By: Brandi Rosser ’15, Campus Recreation Services Personal Trainer and  Group Fitness Instructor

Showing my strength on McKeldin Mall!


It’s 8:20am. Once again, your gym partner is late. You could have been done with your warm-up and starting your workout by now. Text messages and phone calls aren’t being answered. All you get is a lousy text at 11am explaining how she stayed up all night studying for an exam and forgot to set her alarm.

Sound familiar? If you find yourself wasting time waiting on others to get serious about their fitness goals, then maybe its time you decide to be a self-motivator and accomplish these goals on your own! Here are some tips on how to self-motivate when your friends are slacking off and making excuses:

  1. Happiness comes first. Make sure that whatever you are doing towards accomplishing your fitness goals is something that brings a smile to your face and makes you excited to sweat! Do your own research and see what your community has to offer. Join fitness classes that not only allow you to work towards your goal but keep you enthusiastic about your journey and what you are working towards. Keep your eyes open for fun ways to stay fit, and don’t be afraid to try something new!
  2. Hold yourself accountable. Whether your goal is to run a mile every day or weight train three times a week, you need to keep track of your progress. Buy a calendar or keep one on your phone to record your progress week by week. Indicate when daily, weekly, and/or monthly goals are and are not accomplished. When a goal is not completed, record why the goal was not completed. This will allow you to visually see your reasons in words, which will help you evaluate the significance of your reason. You should take the time to reflect on your reason and determine if there is something you can change to avoid that from happening again or if the circumstance was just completely out of your control. Be honest with yourself and don’t punish yourself for any setbacks; instead let them empower you to make improvements in order to do better.
  3. The power of the post-it note– Constantly remind yourself what you are working towards and WHY. Your “why?” is personal and needs to illustrate your reasons for staying committed towards your goals. Therefore your “why statement” can be anything; I want to be strong and healthy for this summer’s hiking trip; I want to be flexible enough to touch my toes; or I want to build up enough endurance to run a 10k in the fall. Write these “why statements” on post-it notes/sticky notes and then hang them in common areas that you will view each day. You can even post your own motivational quotes to keep your spirits high. You can hang them on the closet door, fridge, mirrors, desk, or dresser- the list goes on. Just make it visible so you can stay on track everyday.

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