#ActiveTerp spotlight: Nathan Lawless

The intramural sports program at University Recreation & Wellness (RecWell) offers a unique opportunity for Terps to play and compete together in sports leagues and tournaments. You don’t have to be an athlete to play; these recreational activities are for everyone and are a great way to have fun, de-stress, and meet new people.

Did you know that all of RecWell’s intramural sport activities are officiated by trained student officials? Nathan Lawless is one of those officials, and we caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his experience. Here’s what he had to say in his own words…

My IM softball team after we won our championship!

My IM softball team after we won our championship!

Why did you get involved intramural sports? What made you want to become an official?

I was introduced to intramurals by my summer boss/baseball coach in high school. He was an IM supervisor at Maryland and he put me in contact with the intramural staff here before the start of my freshman year. I had already been officiating soccer for several years as a way to make a little money in high school, and I figured that officiating for IM’s would be an easy way to make a little money in college.

What is your favorite memory with intramural sports?

My favorite memory would have to be when I was named an All-American Flag Football official this past January. It was a moment where all of the hard work I have put into officiating thus far paid off. I was also proud to be able to represent the University of Maryland and to carry on the long tradition of having a University of Maryland student named as an All-American official.

15612291343_7b8a870f2d_o (2)

I was recognized as an All-American flag football official this past January.

What would you say to students who are thinking about getting involved with intramural sports?layers

To any students who are thinking of becoming an official or who want to play an intramural sport, I would suggest that they do it. Being an official can be challenging at times, but if you enjoy sports and want to have the opportunity to be around them more, then you should come to training and give it a shot. Playing intramurals is also a lot of fun. Being out on the field (or court) with a bunch of your friends is always a great time.

What is 1 thing you learned from intramural sports that you’ll take with you beyond your time here at Maryland?

One thing that I have learned from intramurals is that communication is vital. On the field, you need to be able to talk to a player and explain why you did or did not call something. It is also crucial when you supervise because you need to be able to tell the refs how to improve or inform a player of a policy. Whatever it is that you are doing, communication is key, and I think that this skill will help me after I leave the University of Maryland.

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