5 Minutes in the Morning For a Stronger Core

By: Roni Zelivinski, Universtiy Recreation and Wellness, Group Fitness Instructor

Five minutes of abs in the morning is all you need to start training towards a stronger core. These exercises will get your metabolism revved up, blood flow rushing to the brain, your heart pumping, and your body ready to start your day! After these exercises, you’ll want to eat a nice balanced breakfast to get a boost of endorphins that will carry you through your first class and beyond.

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So get up, brush your teeth, turn on your favorite jam and engage that core! You will feel strong, confident, and ready to embrace the day. I invite you to try it out for one week, every morning!

Why It Works

A morning exercise regimen gives you:

  • A metabolism boost for at least an hour after exercise
  • Improved mental function and productivity
  • Better control of appetite/ cravings
  • A boost of endorphins
  • Power for sports and other pleasurable activities
  • A healthy lower back
  • Toned abs
  • Motivation to work hard, play hard, and love your body!

From a yogi’s perspective your core is your third chakra, called Manipura, the center for power, confidence, and self-esteem. An engaged core helps you move through life proactively, make decisions doubtlessly, and emanate self-confidence.

Here is a sample routine I like to follow in the morning. You have total freedom to exchange some exercises for ones that you prefer. Simply be mindful to do these on an empty morning belly and to focus on every muscle group; lower, middle, upper, transverse, and oblique abdominals.

With time you will notice your core getting stronger and you can boost up the reps. Start with the first starred number and work your way up. Remember, every minute counts, so be proud of yourself. Something is better than nothing!

The 5 Minute Routine

  1. Turn on a fun song. Rap, JLO, anything that gets your dance moves rockin’!

2.   CRUNCHES *20 middle, 10 each side

3.   BICYCLES *20-40



roni2 roni3

  1.  RUSSIAN TWISTS *20-40


  1.  LEGS UP&DOWN *10-20

roni6 roni7

  1. BOOTY-UPS *10-20

roni8 roni9


roni10 roni11

  1. EXTENSIONS *10 each side


  1. FOREARM PLANK *45 seconds- 1 minute


11.  Finish up with some strong push-ups (*10-20); knees down always optional!

YOU ROCK! Now go nourish yourself with a protein-rich breakfast!


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