Three Reasons Orgasms are Your De-Stress BFF

 By: Simonne Cruz ’17, University Health Center SHARE Peer Educator









It’s finally that time of the semester…the dreaded finals week has arrived. While running to and from McKeldin in your most fashionable sweatpants, replacing sleep with espresso, and carrying a backpack that weighs more than you do, there’s probably a question looming in the back of your mind – what can I do to de-stress? I have a suggestion, and without further ado, I present you:

Three Reasons Orgasms are Your De-Stress BFF

1. One word: Oxytocin. Having an orgasm causes an increased production of oxytocin in your brain – it’s a wonderful little thing, often referred to as the “cuddle hormone,” that can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and acts as a natural mood booster. It’s free, non-toxic, and can come from fun times alone (yes, I said it) or with a partner which can make orgasms a heavy hitter in your arsenal of stress relief.

2. Orgasms can help with memory. Okay, everyone could use a little memory help during finals. Orgasms increase blood circulation, meaning more oxygen-rich blood is going to that wonderful brain of yours, especially the portion in charge of memory and learning. Slow round of applause for orgasms anyone?

3. Orgasms can help you sleep better. The surge in oxytocin from that big O leads to the release of endorphins, which are thought to have a sedative effect. Combine that with a drop in blood pressure and a feeling of relaxation, and you have one delicious recipe for a great night of sleep (or, okay, realistically like three hours sleep – this is finals week after all). Thanks again oxytocin.

Don’t forget – safer sex is less stressful sex! So if you choose to de-stress with sex, consider the awesome safety resources available through the University Health Center.

For more information about stress management, check out the many services available through Health Promotion and Wellness Services!

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