3 Ways to Show Love to Your #1 Valentine, YOU!

By: Isaiah Bell ’16 and Samantha Enokian ’17, University Health Center Peer Mentors

As busy college students it is easy to get wrapped up in the daily hustle of studying, class, working and extracurricular activities. While all of these are important for personal and academic growth, it is also important to treat ourselves well, both physically and emotionally. In order to practice loving others, we must first practice loving ourselves. Rupaul says it best:


So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we have pulled together three tips and ideas for showing yourself some love and quality time:

1. Treat Yo Self


If you’re anything like us, you’re hesitant to spend money on things that aren’t for school. However, “treating yourself” doesn’t have to require a lot of money. One way we like to treat ourselves is by making a home cooked meal every once in a while. This could be as simple as mac n’cheese or brownies. If you have the cash, take yourself out to dinner, go get a massage (the health center is an excellent resource for this), or do some online or in store “window shopping” or retail therapy. Whatever it is, the key is to set aside some time to do something that feels special to you!

2. Let’s Get Physical

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While conventional forms of exercise might not be for everyone, getting moving doesn’t have to require a gym or weights. There are a ton of benefits to various forms of exercise! It can help with stress, anxiety, depression, and getting some movement in can boost your happy chemicals (endorphins). All of these things are excellent for practicing self-love. If hitting the gym is your thing, then that’s awesome! If not, here are some other ways to “get physical”…

3. Netflix and Chill…solo.

If you’re more into the “Netflix” of Netflix and chill, then cozy up to your favorite movie or TV show with a snack and have a fun night at home. If you prefer the “chill”, then try some self-massage or masturbation for a more physical and intimate way to practice self-love. Who better to show you some love than yourself? Obviously, you can combine both of these options, who says you can’t Netflix and Chill with your favorite character? Team Gale anyone?


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