All Terps are Active Terps

By Liana Stiegler, University Recreation & Wellness, Communications Assistant


How would you complete this sentence?

The Active Terp Outreach Team asked hundreds of students to fill in that blank, and the responses that came back were incredible! The variety of answers reflect how wonderfully diverse Active Terps are. Students chose to describe themselves by race, religion, major, year in school, work ethic, organizational involvement, political affiliation, sexuality, career goals, personality traits, favorite sport, and so much more.

The multitude of ways that Active Terps chose to identify, when asked at the First Look Fair, just goes to show you that ALL Terps are Active Terps. You can be quirky, powerful, or determined. You can be a lifeguard, a rugby player, a skateboarder, a dancer, or a hiker. You can be an anthropologist or an economist, a teacher or an engineer. You can be a grad student, in Freshmen Connection, an RA, or a commuter. You can be queer, gay, bi, or straight. You can be Jewish or Christian, Muslim or Hindu; Indian or African, Persian or Latino. And you can, of course, be any combination of these descriptors and countless more!

No matter how you fill in your blank, you are welcome here. All Terps are Active Terps and all Terps are welcome at RecWell. ❤

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