Ace Your Finals With Fitness

By Liana Stiegler, University Recreation & Wellness, Communications Assistant


Finals week is here, and exercise is probably the last thing on your mind when you have exams, papers, and presentations screaming for attention. However, a work out deserves a spot on the top of your to-do list this week!

Physical activity increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which helps cognitive processing. This means that working out during finals week just might improve your exam performance!

Plus, exercise affects your brain’s chemical levels in a great way: feel-good chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin increase, while cortisol (the chemical that makes you feel stressed out) decreases. With good brain chemical balance, finals week freak outs can be kept to a minimum. Still need convincing? A study from Saginaw Valley State University found that students who exercised vigorously seven days a week had G.P.A.’s that were, on average, 04. points higher than those who didn’t exercise.

Ready to give fitness study breaks a try? Here are a few places where Active Terps can work out during finals week:

1. RecWell is here for you.

RecWell facilities are open during finals so you can sweat away your stress. Brush up on your favorite facility’s hours.

The RecWell fitness program also released an awesome finals week schedule for all your fitness class needs- check out the lineup!


2. .. and we’re at McKeldin, too!

Yoga is a great way to relief stress and calm the mind. RecWell hosts finals week yoga classes in McKeldin Library, so you don’t even have to leave the library to relax and unwind! All you McKeldin hermits, screenshot this schedule now:


3. Workout from your dorm room

If you prefer to do the bulk of finals week studying from your own desk, try doing some simple workout moves right from the comfort of your own room! Here are 8 bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere, no gym equipment needed. You can also find great dorm-friendly workouts by searching YouTube for free workout videos. My personal YouTube fitness favorite is an 80s style 8-minute abs workout.

Whether you choose move at the gym, in McKeldin, or in your residence hall, don’t forget to make time for activity and movement this finals week! Your mind, body, and exam grades will thank you.


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