#iamCRS Spotlight: Mike McGovern

Did you know Campus Recreation Services offers over 40 sport clubs? Clubs are open to all students and you don’t have to have any prior experience with a sport to join. Mike McGovern served as the president for one of those clubs — the D3 men’s ice hockey team. He has contributed greatly to the sport clubs program at Campus Recreation Services, and we asked him a few questions about his involvement with sport clubs. Here’s what he had to say in his own words…

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Why did you get involved with the ice hockey sport club?

One of the reasons I attended the University of Maryland was because I knew I would be able to continue playing ice hockey. I’ve been playing hockey since the first grade and first learned how to skate when I was five years old. Growing up, I would always look forward to the long hockey season and I knew that I would want to keep playing at a competitive level in college after graduating high school. The University of Maryland Club Sports program provided that opportunity to me and I jumped on it!

What is your favorite memory with club?

My favorite memory with the Maryland Ice Hockey Club would have to be finishing the season undefeated at 12-0 in conference play as part of the Blue Ridge Hockey Conference, thus being the Regular Season Blue Ridge Hockey Conference Champions!

What would you say to students who are thinking about joining a sport club? What are the benefits of participating in a sport club?

If you have the opportunity to join a club sport then go for it! Club sports are completely student-run so they offer great opportunities for leadership and mentorship. The skills you will learn as a club officer are transferable to real-world positions and make you a better candidate.
Beyond leadership, your team members will end up becoming your family. I know that I can trust my hockey teammates to be there to support me and vice versa because of all the time that we spend together. Some of the best memories I have at the University of Maryland are ones that I made with my hockey teammates.

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What is 1 thing you learned from serving as a sport club officer that you’ll take with you beyond your time here at Maryland?

Communication. Communication is absolutely essential when running a sports club team. As President of the D3 Club Ice Hockey Team, I was in constant communication with professional sport club staff at Campus Recreation Services, my coaches, my teammates, referees, league officials, and officials from our opposing teams.

Engaging in effective and efficient communication allowed for our team to receive funding, play our opponents, and be on the same page as the University. As I transition into an entry-level position, I will continue to use and strengthen the communication skills that I have learned as President of the D3 Club Ice Hockey Team.

Learn more about the sport clubs program >>

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